Session details
of Psychotheraphy

  • Sessions can be individual, couples, family or group.
  • Sessions last about 60 minutes (individual and couples) and 80 minutes (family or group), in and intimate space which is absolute private and confidential.
  • The number of sessions depends on the intention or symptomatology we attend to, which is always flexible with the rhythm and the essence of your process.
  • I offer in person and online sessions, with the possibility of combining both modalities according to your particular needs and the needs of the process.

All session cycles begin with an initial welcome session where we converse and get to know each other. Towards the end of the session I will propose what seems most relevant for you, and we will decide together whether to begin the process.








Family or group
(minimum 4 people, maximum 6)




1. What does it mean that you accompany me according to what I want and at my pace?

That I accompany you to experience and direct the psychotherapy in ways that resonate with you, prioritizing the most appropriate technique, approach, expectations, obligations and actions, and respecting your pace and natural development.

2. How long will the psychotherapy last?

No ho sé. Sí recordar-te que tens l’última paraula. El meu compromía amb tu i amb la psicoteràpia és procurar que sigui amable, agradable, digerible i que sigui àgil i encertada fins on puc i sé.

 3. I have done many therapies and I still continue with the same issues, do you think you can really help me?

You will see for yourself during the first sessions, which I know from experience are never in vain, and people feel reconnected, mobilized or nourished in some way. By experiencing this, you will be able to form your own opinion, evaluating and answering the question for yourself.

 4. Is there an order or priority of the different levels that we are going to attend and treat?

Not necessarily. My way of accompanying you, or accompanying each other, is flexible and cyclical, alive, and from the present. Yes, we will begin by attending to the symptoms or neurosis, if this is your case, and then we will enter other spaces, opening doors or retracing paths.

 5. I feel that I have healed my trauma, I am aware of my neurosis and I feel I’ve got a good relationship with my shadow, can we do a process together?

Of course. With that sense of “finally!” and the deep feeling of having freed yourself from something old, heavy or sharp, it’s a pleasure and a joy to accompany you in what is now emerging.