Integral Health

Details of the sessions
Integrative health

  • Sessions last about 60 minutes in an intimate space which is absolute private and confidential.
  • Sessions are grouped into programmes of 7 sessions, and the accompaniment of your personalised programme is combined with the required psychoemotional accompaniment.
  • We can increase the number of sessions, if necessary.
  • I offer in person and online sessions, with the possibility of combining both modalities according to your particular needs and the needs of the process.

The first session of the programme is an initial interview where you share what has motivated you to start this process. We will discuss your current habits, attitudes or patterns and will establish objectives.

In the second session we will agreed on the specific programme, and make changes and adjustments if we feel appropriate. The programme begins with this session.

The sixth session invites you to prepare a screening and select new habits, attitudes or patterns that resonate with you or that you wish to maintain following your experience with them.

The seventh session is for closure and saying goodbye.


Programme fees (7 sessions)



One-off consultation sessions




 1. I take medication “x”; I’m doing “y” sessions; I’m happy with things like “z” and I don’t want to change this, can we work on a programme?

Yes. The programmes begin with what we bring to the present, which includes what we perceive to be healthy, harmonious and generating well-being for us. Programmes are personalised, so I will include what you bring, and if there are incompatibilities we will make adjustments.

 2. In my house we have always done things this way, and it suits us well, is this compatible with the programmes you propose?

Yes, it’s inclusive, and you know what? It will also be an inspiration. The traditional and the homemade are a source and a space with multiple colours, flavours and scents, also to be discovered.

 3. I feel blocked with yoga, meditation or dance, can you help me?

Absolutely. I love yoga and have been practicing it for years. I dance and meditate when I feel like it, or when I know that it will do me good. And I have been able to experiment and also share its benefits alongside psychotherapeutic or deep transformative processes. There is also an extensive array of scientific literature on the topic.

 4. Honestly, I don’t think that what I eat, what I do, what I hear or what I say affects me or how I am, does it make sense to start a programme that you offer?

I propose that you experiment for yourself and that you remove some of your usual foods for a few days, stop listening to a program you frequently follow, or include what you have been longing to do and that you know gives you pleasure, and don’t usually do. It’s very possible that you will find your answer there.

 5. What are these programmes specifically for?

See, they are like a wicker basket that contains maps, water, protection, boxes to fill with whatever you want … for our shared journey ahead. They allow you to become aware, make undetected changes and transformations, release nutritional or body patterns and beliefs, revitalize the body, or introduce you to plants or other substances and natural products, favouring or facilitating the goal, shore or horizon that you want to reach or feel you are reaching, in a simple and pleasant way.

6. I want to focus my process on breathing, is it possible?

Of course, we can focus on one of the possible areas, such as breathing, and break it down, attending to your respiratory consciousness or the effects of inspiration – exhalation, with the awareness that food or medicinal plants are also available, and if you wish we can include them, or not.