Entheogens & Psychedelics

Details of the sessions
Entheogens and psychedelics

  • Sessions last about 60 minutes (individual and couples) and 80 minutes (groups), in an intimate space which is absolute private and confidential
  • The number of sessions is variable. It is difficult to determine how many sessions for preparation and integration you will need; you will also detect this.
  • I offer in person and online sessions, with the possibility of combining both modalities according to your particular needs and the needs of the process.

All the process of preparation and integration begins with an initial welcome session, where we will converse and get to know each other. Towards the end of the session I will propose what seems most relevant for you, and we will decide together whether to begin the process.








Per group
(minimum of 4 people, maximum 6)



Sesión de consulta y asesoría




 1. If I take Ayahuasca, or San Pedro, or Mushrooms, or Peyote, or Tobacco, or Kambó, or… will it give me what I want?

It’s impossible for me to answer this question. In reality, I would tell you that you’ll see this after the entheogenous experience, and perhaps during. Sacred plants are not a magic pill nor do they work automatically: “Voilà, that’s that, and good as new!” They can be profoundly transformative, or not. Yes, it’s possible that they unlock and open personal, existential, relational processes, with family and community lineages, connected with vital purpose, spirituality, sexuality, Humanity or Nature, among the most frequent occurrences, and then it’s up to you to focus this towards what you want.

2. Can they drive me crazy or be harmful?

The majority of research points rather to their benefits, and attempts are being made to agree on maps based on scientific evidence which also respect ancient and indigenous traditions, and minimize risks and maximize safety. There are dangers, precautions and contraindications, especially for people with certain health conditions, or taking certain medications or supplements, as with everything. Entheogens and psychedelics are not for everyone, and that’s fine. There are people who could potentially try them and benefit, yet are neither interested nor curious. Some people take them regularly as a way of life. There are those who take once, and feel that is enough. And there are those who are not advised to take them.

3. I feel like it’s my moment to take this entheogen or that psychedelic, but there’s a part of me that resists and tells me otherwise. It is normal?

Absolutely, even among people who have been taking them for a long time or regularly, some say that they usually feel some uneasiness before taking them.

4. I want to take this entheogen or this psychedelic now.

I don’t recommend it. Instead, stop, breathe, and take your time preparing and deciding how and with whom. I like to say that the sacred plants are like friends, companions, family, lovers, teachers, doctors, and that we establish a bond with them. Isn’t it true that you don’t demand that your friends, colleagues or family give you immediately what you want, and you don’t force or pressurise them into telling you or doing what you want? Well, it’s the same with entheogens and psychedelics, or at least that’s how I experience it.

5. I’ve had experiences with entheogens or psychedelics in the past, and what I experienced still affects me now, it has influenced my life and I’d like to make the most of it.

That’s very common. We sometimes feel that we want to find new angles or perspectives that allow us to embrace new nuances and fruits of our past experiences; or simply that we want to finish closing and integrating them.

6. I’m pregnant; I’ve got my period; I’m taking this or that supplement, medication, this or that Bach flower, Homeopathy or medicinal plant; I had surgery on this or that “x” time ago; I have a family history of “y”, “z … Is there a problem?

Since there are so many possibilities, I invite you to write to me and I will respond directly according to your particular situation.