Recovering ourselves
with integrative vision

Accompanying health, balance and awareness

My name is Sandra Borràs Closa, I’m a psychologist and integrative therapist. I have spent more than two thirds of my life learning about psychotherapy, medicine, wellness and relationships with various schools and traditions. It is a joy and an honour for me to be alive, and I am committed to making the most of it.

We know how to recognize what generates balance and what is good for our vital processes, although perhaps we have paid this little attention or haven’t discovered how to ground it within us. Living with freedom and in harmony with our vital surroundings and context is possible, as we can use the tools, techniques and substances which originate in the natural world that offers them to us, accompanied by a professional who offers peace, respect and love.

Whether you are an individual or a group, I will accompany you.

  • Do you feel disappointed or unsatisfied with the allopathic healthcare system?
  • Have you experienced a trauma that still conditions you, and do you live with the feeling that there are parts of you which function automatically?
  • Have you decided to explore an experience with entheogens or psychedelics, and do you want accompaniment with preparation and integration? Do you have any previous experiences that remain open and unintegrated?
  • Do you feel the intuition and potentials for growth, and aren’t finding the way for this to occur?


I offer integrative therapeutic accompaniment for transformative processes, crisis estates, trauma, eating disorders, depression, mood imbalances and transgenerational release.

Integrative health

Nutrition, medicinal plants, herbal medicine, breath and somatic practices are complements to the processes of self-knowledge and personal development.

Entheogens and psychedelics

In the preparation and integration of entheogenic or psychedelic experiences, including previous experiences that you haven’t yet digested. I can also offer guidance and clarify doubts.


“Soulful and free bodies: where synergies and dawns can happen" (in spanish)

Read the entire article published in the magazine Ulises, Magazine of inner journeys, no. 22 (December 2020).

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