Psychology and Integral Health

Supporting health, balance and life

My name is Sandra Borràs Closa, integrative psychotherapist and accompanist of processes of change, transformation and growth of individuals, couples and groups.

Integrative is that in the processes we treat we take into account the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational aspects of the illness, blockage, process or stage in a relative and harmonised way according to the environments and lifestyles of the people we treat.

We know how to recognise what generates balance, imbalance or well-being.  I recognise in the innate human healing and self-regulating response, as well as in our capacity to follow criteria and practices in aspects as relevant and essential as health, medicine or wellbeing in a conscious and live way.

To exist in harmony with our purposes and lives is possible by the fact of being alive, using tools, techniques or natural complements that facilitate it, more harmonious and less invasive, feeling accompanied, supported, nourished and confident in it.

If you feel, if you want, I support you.

  • Are you in a moment where you want and feel healthy and balanced? Liberated? Empowered? Authentic? Alive?
  • Not quite satisfied with the health, medical or wellness practices you have received or practised so far? For whatever reason, do you feel that they have not been effective, or highly effective?
  • Have you experienced a trauma that you feel open and conditioning you? Do you live with the feeling that there are parts of you that work automatically?
  • Have you decided to live an experience with entheogens and wish for an accompaniment with preparation and integration? Are there experiences you have lived through before that are still open and unintegrated?
  • Do you feel you have intuition and potentials to grow and develop and do you want to find ways and channels to make this happen?


I offer organic and deep psychotherapy in traumas, TCA, depression, anxiety and localized or generalized blockages and mood imbalances at any existential level and support in processes of transformation and vital changes,

Integrative Health

Nutrition, medicinal plants,

phytotherapy, breathing and body practices

and psychocorporeal support and benefit us

in a kind and compassionate way.

Entheogens and psychedelics

I accompany the preparation and integration of the entheogenic or psychedelic experience, including if you have lived it before and feel it undigested. Or if you are looking for guidance or clarify doubts, so that the experience be safe, loving, and sacred.


“Manantiales de espera"

Read the article published in the Ulises, magazine of inner journeys, no. 23 (november 2021).

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