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If you have been in my web, it’s because something resonates with you, interests you or you would like to know. First of all, thank you. I invite you to feel welcome and browse its pages until you feel satisfied with what has brought you here. If it doesn’t happen, at the bottom of this page you will find how to contact me.

With love,

Does it resonate with you?
  • “I want to find an experienced therapist who will support me or us to heal and profoundly transform what I feel or we feel. From what my or our own process can extract my or our fruits and flowers, and with whom I feel safe, open and with intimacy”.
  • “I want to let go, be open and free myself. It’s time.”
  • “It’s time to be aware, feel connected and live my life in a more true, alive and full way”.
  • “I want to feel at peace, accept myself again with all my colors and feel comfortable with myself, with my body, with my mind and with my being”.
  • Do you want to start a careful and safe therapeutic process where you let yourself feel, release, rest, recognize yourself, feel accompanied with affinity and intimacy, and feel supported, seen and respected?
  • Is it time to find out what it’s like to link or bond in a loving, conscious, present and spontaneous way?
  • Maybe to start a liberating and transformative process that takes you beyond the limits you now know?
  • Do you feel the need to feel connected? Empowered? To renew the relation and renewed treatment with you or with those you love?
  • Have you experienced any trauma that you feel affects you today? Do you live with the feeling that there are parts of you that work automatically, in a rigid or dissociated way?
  • Do you feel that health, medicine or therapy treatments that you have received or assisted in the past haven’t been or aren’t effective? That now you need another type, because there is something there that does not satisfy you
  • Do you feel that it is time to go further because you intuit “that there is something more”?
  • Do you feel that it is time to start couples therapy?
  • Do you feel that it is time to delve into your relation?
  • Have you decided to live an experience with entheogens and want an accompaniment with preparation and integration? Are there experiences that you have lived before that are open and unintegrated?
You can choose between


It’s a transpersonal humanistic psychotherapy, focused on healing deep wounds, traumas and also seeks to make you feel transformed, feel present and connected, and root yourself to your complete being, including the conscious and unconscious parts that form you.

Obviously, along with accepting our cyclical and flexible human nature as well as feeling at peace with your family lineages.

In this wing you will also find accompaniment in transformation processes and vital changes; and the accompaniment of couples and other affective bonds.

Integrative Health

Perhaps you feel that it is time to focus on developing and expressing your life purpose; or to restore certain aspects related to your health or your personal growth, and you want an accompaniment for this with clear and specific objectives.

We will design together a specific program through nutrition, medicinal plants, phytotherapy, breathing, mantras, music and psychocorporeal and psychospiritual practices in a compassionate and kind way.

May it be organic and pleasant to you.

Entheogens and Psychedelics

In this part you will receive support in the preparation and integration of entheogenic and psychedelic experiences, including if you have lived them before and feel that they are undigested, unrooted or without having found health or a place in your daily life or in your Life.

It’s also the place to find guidance or clarify doubts, so that the experience is safe and you feel respected.

Or if you want to live a process with microdoses.


“Manantiales de espera"

Read the article published in the Ulises, magazine of inner journeys, no. 23 (november 2021).

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