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If you’ve come here, something about my work and service resonates with you, interests you, or would like to know. Thank you. Feel welcome, I hope you satisfy that curiosity, intuition or hunch. If it doesn’t happen, at the bottom of this page you will find how to contact me and I will tell you.

With love and respect,

Does it resonate with you?
  • “I want to feel peace again. To feel balanced, alive, accompanied by a therapist with whom I feel safe, in resonance and at home”.
  • “I want to let go, free myself, let go”.
  • “We feel that we want to deepen with love and presence in the silence and in the deep communication of our bond, changing and transforming”.
  • “I feel like I’m healing my ties and being reborn in my way of connecting”.
  • “I want to disengage from that person, from that place, from that space, from that structure, that pattern”.
  • “I am cyclical. I want to integrate my processes of birth, growth, maturity and death with acceptance, curiosity and surrender”.
  • “I want to love myself and feel comfortable with myself, with my body, with my mind and with my being”.
  • “I want to take microdoses with a therapist who will accompany me holistically”.
  • Is it time to open new spaces of intimacy, communication and connection with your partner?
  • Or perhaps it is about starting a deep and conscious process that takes you beyond your comfort zone?
  • Do you feel the hunch or the longing to feel connected? Empowered? To trust what you are and what you want, without so much judgment, resistance, blockage or tension?
  • Have you experienced any trauma? Do you live with the feeling that there are parts of you that function automatically, in a rigid, dissociated or harmful way?
  • Do you feel that health, medicine or therapy treatments that you have received in the past are not or have not been effective, or as effective?
  • Do you want support in your/your experience with entheogens or psychedelics in a safe and loving context, of sacredness and respect?
You can choose between


“Manantiales de espera"

Read the article published in the Ulises, magazine of inner journeys, no. 23 (november 2021).

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